Easy Returns Policy

We provide with a 100% money back guarantee in case of any product quality or delivery issue related to Physical Product.

In the case of Soft Copy / Virtual Product, We will send you related image / Layout / Document / email in advance to confirm you before delivering actual Soft Copy or file.


Delivery Policy

After Successful order and receiving payment we will process your request within 48 Hours and deliver your product

Physical Product / Hard Copy / Books etc. – within 15 Days Via Speed Post / Courier. We will also send you Speed Post / Courier Delivery receipt by email.

Virtual Product / Soft Copy / Document / Pdf File etc. – within 10 Days via email at your registered email, which is used at the time of purchase.



100% Money Back Guarantee, If

  • Not dispatched within 15 days after promised shipment date
  • Not delivered in 15 days after shipment
  • Guaranteed Resolution of Complaints Within a maximum of 7 days
  • Full refund if not resolved
  • In the case of soft copy we send a mail with complete details before deliver the product.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Raise a complaint

Dear Customer / Aspirants your satisfaction is our success. So our main focus based on your satisfaction with good quality content. And being into the field of imparting knowledge we treat us a lighthouse instead of a business house. It is our duty to provide quality material to our customers and his/her satisfaction is important to us.

You can request for a refund of any fees paid you subject to the following:

(i) For products/services that only offer on-line access, communication of your intent to cancel must reach us before your first use of or access to the said product/service.

(ii) For products/services that require us to dispatch courseware/reference material to you, communication of your confirmed intent to cancel your subscription must reach us before the despatch from us.

(iii) If such communication is received by us after the despatch(for products/ services /reference material that require us to despatch material to you) or if you have accessed any part of the services on-line (for products /services that only offer on-line access), no refund would be allowed.

(iv) After qualifying our refund terms, the amount (after deduction of all applicable taxes and levies) would be refunded after deducting an administrative charge of Rs.250/- or 10% of the order value, whichever is lower.

(v) For products/services you received is incomplete (i.e. if questions are left not done without any reference to solution) or wrong solution. Only the partial refund will be given based on the decision of our experts.

(vi) Refund amount would be sent to you to any of the account provided by you from your registered email id with us. If due to any reason we pay by payable-at-par cheque it will only be sent to your address.

(vii) All communication in this regard should be addressed to help@projectube.com The processing will normally take five working days and the amount(s) will be refunded within 30 working days after that.